1967 Dodge Polara 500

Dave 1

Dave’s 1967 Dodge Polara 500 – 2dr HT

Growing up in the 60’s in Nova Scotia had to be the best times. What stands out the most is the styling of the cars built in that period. Best of all was the fact that I was raised in “MOPAR COUNTRY”. When I was 11 years old Dodge came out with the new styling for the Polara/Monaco. A friend of the family had just purchased a new Monaco 500 in the late fall of 1966. I fell in love with the beautiful lines of the car. I think it was the tail lights that caught my attention the most. I remember saying at the time; I will own one of these someday. Fast forward 45 years and my dream was finally fulfilled.

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History of the car

 It was August 2007 at the Clareshome S/S that I got my first look at the Polara 500. It was owned by Frank Klien who had just recently had it painted. I was instantly taken by the car and taken back to when I seen my first Monaco/ Polara. I had just recently finished the resto on my 66 F100 and was not ready for another vehicle. Over the next 4 yrs Frank and I had a liking for each others vehicle, but were not ready to change. When Spring 2010 came along, I was looking to find classic with a back seat for the Grandkids, as they enjoy car shows as well. At the Aug 2010 Clareshome Show, Frank had the Polara up for sale. From then until May 2011, we talked back and forth with E-mail about a possible trade. By mid May we finally made the swap.

At this time I found that the car came originally from Crosstown Motors Edmonton. The second owner had purchased it somewhere around 1979 and preserved it well as a fair-weather auto. All records of service were kept and passed to me. It is mostly original except paint, buckets/console, vinyl top and lowered rear with skirts.

Since I have owned the car, I added Tilt/Telescopic steering and will install the Auto Pilot when I find a dash control switch and bezel for it. As with any classic I have owned, it will remain a driver; but only in the best of weather. This one is a “KEEPER”.

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